HamptonArts is a Chicago-based private art school, focused on developing student creative, aesthetic, technical, and critical abilities, offering personalized instruction in numerous areas of artistic exploration.

Discover and hone creative processes

Explore art making strengths and style

Heighten technical skill in favorite artistic areas

Develop critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving skills

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What Students and parents are saying About HamptonArts

"Mr. Hampton makes our imagination and creativity grow stronger and stronger until it explodes!" - Student

"To be honest, I am one of those "left-brain" parents who skeptically wondered about the value and 'practicality' of an art education, but after seeing how HamptonArts’ instructor shared his passion and creativity with our children, he made a believer out of me.” - Parent

"HamptonArts courses give me new projects that I can use my creativity on and I get new ideas from them. Each project is creative and fun, and I get to experience different types of art making. Taking courses at HamptonArts gives me an opportunity to become a better artist when I get older." - Student

"It’s exciting learning so much from different subjects, and the teacher, Mr. Hampton, is really nice!" - Student
“My children eagerly look forward to their time at HamptonArts. I wish I had such an opportunity growing up. When my children take classes here, they know they have a teacher who genuinely cares for their well-being and who is passionate about sharing his love for the arts. I am pleased with this worthwhile investment in my children’s education and would undoubtedly recommend HamptonArts to any family." - Parent

HamptonArts key Qualities

  • Fall & Spring courses offered to 3rd to 12th grade
  • A wide variety of artistic areas to explore

  • Exclusive Portfolio Review and Studio Art Practice for high school students

  • A unique collaborative admission process

  • Admission based on artistic merit and/or eagerness to learn

  • Like minded students create a synergistic learning environment

  • Flexible class times and small class sizes

  • One-on-one courses offered in all areas of study


Students who continue in courses at HamptonArts benefit from an ongoing collaborative process, where the direction and content of the courses continue to be suited for each student's growth.
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