Courses are currently offered at two Chicago locations: The Daystar Center and The Hyde Park University Bible Fellowship. Parents can indicate at which locations students are available to meet for courses on the registration form. Learn more about each location below, or feel free to schedule a visit by contacting the instructor today!

Let me introduced to each location:


Daystar Center
1550 S. State St. Chicago, IL 60605
Street parking (metered or free depending on street location)

The Daystar Center is the main location where HamptonArts courses take place.
One of the Daystar Center's overarching goals is to build community through Arts and Culture. HamptonArts operates as a member of the Daystar Center Educator's Collective, through which several humanities based instructors offer private and group lessons, which you can find on their website listed above. The facility is also home to the popular Daystar School and the fair trade and global minded Overflow Coffee Bar (they have great coffee and excellent cafe fare).
HamptonArts students will take courses in the classrooms on the East side of the building, the same entrance as Overflow. The rooms are excellent for teaching, with keyed entry and plenty of window lighting. For parents who would like to chill in the cafe during their child's session, wifi is available with purchase from the cafe.



Hyde Park University Bible Fellowship
5407 S Hyde Park Blvd, Chicago, IL 60615
Street Parking

Serving the UofC area, HPUBF offers a cozy atmosphere with easy access to parks and the beach, which is great for outdoor art making. Though HamptonArts is not directly affiliated with HPUBF, they generously offered space in their facility to teach courses, allowing for those living in or near the Hyde Park area a more convenient location option.

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