Fantastic Four


Fantastic Four / Update #2 / August Week 4

Photography Project #1

In today's modern world, photography is not just about taking a nice picture anymore. With digital editing software and online avenues to present images, photography can be used and manipulated to express and explore just about anything. This project used that idea, to create a photo collage that represented a period of time (this course), the student's personality and his values. 

Photography Project #2
With the same idea in mind, we used photography as a springboard to other media like stop motion and film. This project showed that with just a little bit of understanding of how to use online tools and how images can work together to show motion, you can have a great deal of control and expression through stop motion animation. The Mac desktop app Lapsodi was used to make the video.


Fantastic Four / Update #2 / August Week 4


Though our sculpture week was cut short, I wanted to at least let X experience making a mold and cast for the sculpture project. This project opened the idea that most sculpture artwork requires a skilled process and understanding of materials to create, but can produce remarkable results.


Fantastic Four / Update #2 / August Week 3


This mixed media piece marked an accomplishment in perseverance and overcoming challenges. You could call this sophisticated doodling. It is a stream of conscious artwork that required not giving in to distractions to stay in a mindset of creative play, and laid a foundation and language for future progress.

Fantastic Four / Update #2 / August Week 2


This project focused on exploring drawing, and all art making, as a way to express and explore what is important to us and the things we see, feel, and experience. Drawing is a way to make what we see in our minds eye come into reality, the things that of fantasy and imagination can come to life.


Fantastic Four / Update #1 / August Week #1

Discussion: What ties our four topics together?

To kick off Fantastic Four, we talked about what ideas tie photography, sculpture, painting, and drawing together. Languages are made up of letters, symbols, words, sentences, paragraphs, etc. When we are born, we don’t come out writing essays. We have to learn one thing at a time, and before you know it, we’re speaking all the time. When we learn enough of a different language, we can communicate in those languages and see how all the languages we know relate to each other, and how one language allows us to express something better than another. We learn languages, and, in Fantastic Four, different art forms, to express, to explore, and to enjoy.

Practice 1: Outside -> In

Watch any “how to draw” video and artists start with the big shapes first. Yet, our natural tendency is to be very careful when we draw and go from one detail to the next. The downside is that we don’t take into consideration the whole image, and details end up getting out of place and out of proportion. X practiced visualizing the largest shapes of what we want to draw, using our whole arm (instead just our fingers) to draw those big shapes, and then drawing details last. It's an odd way to draw at first, but in time it's more rewarding.

We used Pokemon as a subject, since they are usually made up of big simple shapes.

Project 1: ...

We’ll take one day next week to finish the final drawing project. More to come on that! Don't want to give it away.