Meet The Instructors

Luke Hampton

     I was always "good at art" from an early age. Drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, etc. I never found a medium or creative challenge I did not enjoy. Though, it was not until I was older that I better understood and appreciated the value of art making to provide self-discovery,  discipline, and a means to explore and share our humanity.

Art education was likewise a natural fit and calling. It allows me to stay active in the many artistic areas I enjoy, continue to discover new areas, and, through my instruction, lead students to their own valuable experiences with art making and the creative process. 

I gained teaching and cultural experience from students in the US and China, from kindergarten to college level, through art, technology, and ESL instruction, and various administrative roles. I stay engaged with the contemporary art world through research, venues, and being active as an art handler for my wife, Snow Yunxue Fu, a practicing internationally shown new media artist. After reflecting a great deal on my strengths, interests, and goals, I came to see private instruction as a highly effective platform to accomplish my vision as an art educator, aiming to positively impact the lives of my students, teaching them to think critically and ask questions as they create art, and fostering a creative lifestyle and focus on the process of growing as much as the end result.

- Luke Hampton


Snow Yunxue Fu

I grew up with two art educators as parents and a grandfather who was a well-known Chinese traditional painter and sculptor. My parents’ successful art school was a second home. Needless to say, as a child, art was very much part of my life. Art was and is how I reflected on what I saw and experienced.

Coming to America for undergrad, I anticipated working with traditional art mediums, like drawing, oil painting, sculpture, printmaking, etc. I focused on painting and explored its language, possibilities, and limitations. However, one semester, by chance, I tried computer animation and I was hooked.

3D animation is an exciting area to explore, since it incorporates dialogue and process of painting (dealing with the pictorial), sculpture (3D molding), photography (composition and lighting), film making (virtual camera set up), sound, and animation.                                             

As an educator, I see teaching students as part of my practice; one where my students and I can benefit from each others experiences. Having worked in the Admissions Department at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago for over two years, I have had specific training and opportunities to work with bright young high school students all over the nation looking to grow their art practice in the right direction. I have also worked with undergraduate students to develop their portfolios and applications for graduate schools.

Having a husband who is as passionate about art and art education as I am has been a huge blessing. With my experience as an SAIC graduate alumni, a contemporary artist, and in admissions work, I look forward to help develop the creative process and portfolios of Chicago’s high school art students, empowering the next generation of young artists. 

- Snow Yunxue Fu