Fall Forward / Fashion Collection Concept
Eva / 4th Grade / 2016
Pencil, pen, marker, colored pencil, on paper
Approx. 7” x 14”

In Fall Forward, Eva showed of her sophisticated sense of color and top and bottom combinations, each unique from the other but cohesive in visual spirit. Autumn strikes memories of overwhelming combinations of vibrant colors that seem to all fit together and that never get boring to look at, and Eva manages to pull this off visually with her collection. Fall Forward is for the girl or teen that loves her uniqueness, and enjoys spending time with friends drinking hot cocoa in the morning chill or taking a reflective romp through the fallen leaves.      


Summer Simple / Fashion Collection Concept
Hana / 3rd Grade / 2016
Pencil, pen, marker, colored pencil, on paper
Approx.  7” x 14”

In her fashion collection, Summer Simple, Hana set out to cut out all the fuss, let loose, and enjoy the summer sun. Yellow and blue bring to mind the purity of a view on the beach. Like seashells and flowers in the sand, little accents set apart each look, which range from super casual to a nice lunch date. A girl, teen, or young woman would enjoy this collection making memories in the sand with friends, smiles, and drinking lemonade.

Xibao / 3rd Grade / 2016
Acrylic, watercolor, ink pen, sharpie
11” x14

This mixed media piece marked an accomplishment in perseverance and overcoming challenges. You could call this sophisticated doodling. It is a stream of conscious artwork that required not giving in to distractions to stay in a mindset of creative play, and laid a foundation and language for future progress.


Thing 1 & Thing 2
Mary Yoon / 5th Grade / 2016
Found objects, hot glue, spray paint, acrylic paint
Approx. 12" x 6" x 6"

This project helped build a platform to discuss concepts of form, specifically by taking every day objects out of their context and observing how our responses to their form change depending on what new contexts we put them in.
There were two phases to the sculpture and discussion. 1) Observe how the pieces combined into one sculpture changes our response, and 2) observe how painting them all one color further changes that response.

In Phase 1, the sculpture seems in motion, playful, and curious as to how it's holding itself together. We are drawn around the piece to find the little details and intricacies, yet our response is grounded in our desire to identify the objects.
In Phase 2, the now monochromatic sculpture distances us further from our familiarity with the objects, allow us to more easily examine the sculpture as a whole and as it's individual shapes.


Eva / 2nd Grade / 2014
Leaves, flower petals
Approx. 8" x 8"

Hana Kim / 1st Grade /2014
Leaves, clover flowers, twigs
Approx. 8" x 8"

In the course Nature and Time Based Art, these artworks explored a style of art making used by Andy Goldsworthy, in which compositions are made by using only natural materials found on location, and the work is left to dissolve into its surroundings over time – a contemplation on our relationship with our environment and our place in time.