Special Thanks To

God (of course)
Without His mercy, grace, love, and providence, HamptonArts would never be.

The City of Chicago
Chicago is a remarkable city that has a long history of investing in the arts and art education. With it's world class museums, public sculptures, renowned architecture, and the like, Chicago has made a place where art education can be taxed like crazy......I mean......thrive. I meant thrive.

Xing Xing (Star Star) Guiyang Children's Art School
Xing Xing is a successful and internationally known art school, situated in the beautiful city of Guiyang, China, which is run by Mr. and Mrs. Fu. Without their partnership, investment, and advice, HamptonArts would have only remained a dream.

The Daystar Center
In pursuing a community based on Arts and Culture in the South Loop, you have provided an atmosphere and location to thrive. Thank you for partnering with me to accomplish so many of the same goals.

The Hyde Park University Bible Fellowship
Their willingness to invest in HamptonArts has been an encouragement and inspiration, offering space in their facility for instruction and mutual support.

Mana Contemporary Chicago
I have worked with a lot of people and places and it has been a relief to work with Mana. I have come to appreciate Mana's welcoming and professional staff and a safe place for my students to learn in a serious artistic atmosphere. (Edmond rocks).

Student Parents
Particularly those four parents, of the first group of students I taught, your investment into your children and your affirmation of my teaching has been perhaps the strongest catalyst. I will always be grateful for you and look back at those formative years with great joy.

My Students
Your eagerness to discover and openness to new possibilities is why I do what I do. You are the future, and you are why I strive to make HamptonArts all it can be.

Snow Yunxue Fu
My wife. Without your support, advice, and willingness to grow with me, I would not be who I am. Your work ethic, skill, knowledge, sensitivity, and love are a constant inspiration.